Early Head Start Teacher
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This position entails mainly tasks that are technical and diverse in nature and requires that capacity of independent judgment and action to accomplish program goals.  The normal workweek is 40 hours, worked Monday through Friday, but hours may vary to meet the needs of the site.  Ultimately responsible for all aspects of site activities.



Site Leader is an individual who is responsible for all activities at specified Head Start Site.

The Site Leader balances business concerns with what is good for the children and provides leadership and direction to the staff responsible for providing safe and healthy care for the children.  The Site Leader directly supervises Teachers, Teacher Assistants, Cooks, Cook Assistants, and other front-line site staff. The Site Leader sets the tone and culture for the facility.



•           Works collaboratively with site staff to ensure all Head Start Performance Standards, The Head Start Act, and TDFPS Minimum Standards are implemented as set forth in the SPCAA Head Start and Early Head Start policies and procedures.

•           Ensures all program areas are integrated (education, nutrition, mental health, health, disabilities, and transportation)

•           Ensures that records of enrolled children, families and site staff are maintained.

•           Ensures the maintenance of a safe and healthy indoor and outdoor environment at all times.

•           Provides for or arranges for any technical assistance needed by staff to allow them to effectively perform job duties

•           Maintains up to date knowledge of Head Start Performance Standards, Child Care Licensing Regulations, child development concepts, social services, parent involvement, health, family services, services to children with disabilities and other applicable laws and regulations required to ensure program compliance 

•           Disseminates information to staff in a timely and effective manner

•           Conducts site staff meetings and parent committee meetings including orientations and special events

•           Ensures that all United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) paperwork is properly completed by nutrition staff

•           Promotes Parent Engagement Activities and site parent involvement

•           Ensures that needs of children and families are met

•           Ensures the funded enrollment of children within licensed site

•           Ensures all postings are up to date and complete

•           Ensures the site is maintaining required supervisory of children and meets child/staff ratios at all times.

•           Captures, values, and appropriately documents In-Kind, non-federal match

•           Sets a positive tone and culture for staff, children and families

•           Promotes Instructional leadership by setting clear goals, implementing curriculum fidelity, and monitoring lesson plans to promote student learning and growth

•           Completes staff evaluations and provides useful feedback to promote ongoing staff professional development

•           Complete monitoring processes including one announced and one unannounced observation of home base staff as designated by Program Management.





•           Site Leader must designate a qualified staff person to be in charge of the site in his/her absence.  The designated staff must know they are in charge and for how long, know their responsibilities while they are in charge, have access to all essential information to communicate with parents and state and local authorities as needed, and have the authority to direct the Center in compliance with minimum standards.  All staff must know who is in charge in the Site Leader’s absence.

•           Ensures time sheets are accurate and completed in a timely manner

•           Responsible for accurate completion and review of all performance evaluations of staff supervised by this position

•           Ensures that all staff has assignments that match their skills, abilities and training

•           Keeps adequate inventory of supplies to effectively accomplish site actives.  Requisition needed supplies, equipment, or other needed items

•           Ensures that accident and illness reports are submitted accurately and in accordance with established timeframes

•           Ensures that qualified substitutes are called as necessary to meet minimum standards

•           Works with family support worker to ensure family needs are met

•           Fills in for any site staff where the need arises.  May assist at other sites or offices as needed

•           Responsible for reporting to their immediate supervisor or designee, if they witness or see anything present or anyone not following the SPCAA procedures or processes that place a person or program records at risk



Site Leaders hired after December 1, 2016, will be preferred to hold a baccalaureate degree, due to the extensive knowledge some staff may possess of the Head Start requirements, staff who have been placed as Secondary Site Leader Designee or Interim Site Leader may qualify with SPCAA Executive Director approval.  


Current Site Leaders who do not hold a Baccalaureate or Associate degree are encouraged to            obtain a Baccalaureate or Associate degree, related to one or more of the disciplines they oversee.  Funding assistance may be available through the Professional Development Department via the Scholarship Application.


•           Hold a valid, non-expired, Center Director License

•           Food Manager Certification required

•           Be at least 21 years of age

•           Have supervisory experience 

•           Excellent communication and organizational skill required   

•           Available for night and weekend work as needed.

•           Able to obtain and maintain First Aide and CPR certifications

•           Must be able to pass regular criminal history checks

•           Must comply with the Health Requirements and Preventative Health Practices procedure

•           Computer and technology skills to effectively use: word processing software, spreadsheet format, emails, internet and other necessary programs

•           Must possess ability to provide reliable self-transportation capable of regional travel.  Must possess and maintain valid Texas motor vehicle operator’s permit of appropriate classification and endorsement as required.  Must agree to maintain a satisfactory MVR and minimum requirement of insurability as required by law.  MVR background checks may be conducted by the agency.



•           Working with children is physically and emotionally demanding work, requiring patience and energy.

•           Occasional adjustments of office/classroom furniture

•           Occasional pushing, pulling, lifting and/or moving up to 25 pounds

•           Regularly required to sit for extended periods of time

•           May require long periods of standing or walking

•           Occasional bending or squatting required



•           Possess ability to adapt to and exercise good judgement with regard to inclement weather conditions and/or situations.

•           Ability to drive, occasionally long distances

•           Noise level could be moderate to loud in working in the center.

•           Ability to work in a stressful environment and deal effectively with stress.

•           Ability to perform duties and adapt to flexible work schedules as established by management



•           Normal to heavy travel – ability to travel for activities such as meetings, classes, and workshops in and out of the service area.

•           Must be able to travel by air as necessary to attend training, conference, and related activities.

Job Location
Midland, TX 79702
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