Early Head Start Home Base Worker
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This position entails tasks that are diverse in nature.  The normal work hours are 8:00-5, M-F, but may be varied by the Site Leader to accommodate the needs of families served in the home base program option. 


The Home Base Worker is responsible for working cooperatively with staff, parents, and volunteers to carry out the responsibilities and duties of the SPCAA Head Start program.  The Home Base worker will provide home visits and socialization activities for children and parent/guardian. Noise level could be moderate to loud in the center.



•           Maintain an open, friendly, and cooperative relationship with each child’s family, encourage their involvement in the program, and promote parent-child bonding and nurturing parent-child relationships. 

•           Assist in developing lesson plans with parents to include all program areas implement positive learning experiences to develop curiosity, initiative, problem-solving, creativity, sense of self and group belonging

•           Conduct a minimum of 46 home visits per year in the home with parent/guardian for duration of 90 minutes.

•           Plan and conduct Center Day (socialization) activities at a minimum of 22 socializations activities distributed over the course of the program year.  Socializations should primarily occur as one in center and one in the community per month.

•           Promote Parent Engagement Activities

•           Plan, assist and involve children in various activities such as; nutrition, daily personal hygiene; tooth brushing, toileting and hand washing.

•           Encourage parents to participate and volunteer during Center Day activities.

•           Ensure children are supervised during all activities and provide services to children with disabilities. 

•           Conduct screenings and assessments for children in accordance with established policies.

•           Maintain records of enrolled children and families in accordance with Head Start Performance Standards.

•           Promote feelings of security and trust in children by being warm, supportive, and comforting, and by establishing strong and caring relationships.

•           Utilize the Child Guidance Plan to maintain positive child guidance methods, Behavioral Tracking, and appropriate documentation.

•           Respond to crisis or emergency situations that may occur. Provide First Aid or CPR, prevent the spread of blood borne pathogens, and assess the need for emergency services.

•           Must be knowledgeable in the various disciplines of the Head Start program, including but not limited to social services, parent involvement, health, and services to children with disabilities.

•           Maintain family services and assist in the Family Partnership Process

•           Refer families to appropriate agencies and follow-up on referrals.

•           Provide information to families in regard to community resources.

•           Complete Family Partnership agreement and follow-up on goals established.

•           Assist families in the identification of resources.

•           Responsible for reporting to their immediate supervisor or designee, if they witness or see anything present or anyone not following the SPCAA procedures or processes that place a person or program records at risk.

•           Capture, value, and appropriately document In-Kind, non-federal share



•           Assist with and/or attend parent meetings, orientations, and special functions

•           Assure that any accident/illness for children or staff is reported immediately and followed-up with appropriate forms

•           Assist with the planning and implementation of parent meetings, orientations, and special functions.

•           Submit timesheets accurately and timely on a bi-weekly basis.

•           Attend training and workshops for professional development as specified by management.

•           Show initiative, creativity, and resourcefulness in the classroom.

•           Demonstrate awareness and sensitivity of cultural and community issues

•           When assisting in transportation of children/parents:

          Ensure compliance with all laws regarding proper transporting policies.

          Assist and be responsible for children and adults during boarding and un-boarding of the vehicle.

          Ensure that all children and parents are properly secured in the vehicle according to the transportation law

          Maintain discipline when children are being transported.

•           Keep current and accurate records (brown folders) and data base information– ChildPlus

•           Maintain confidentiality in regard to families and information. 

•           Communicate effectively with staff, supervisor, families, and children. 

•           Maintain a safe and healthy environment to include but not limited to the sterilization of toys, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming of classroom room floors, cleaning and sterilization of toilets and sinks



•           High School diploma or GED required

•           Hold a minimum of a home-based CDA credential or comparable credential, or equivalent coursework as part of an associate’s or bachelor’s degree; and,

•           Demonstrate competency to plan and implement home-based learning experiences that ensure effective implementation of the home visiting curriculum and promote children’s progress across the standards described in the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework: Ages Birth to Five, including for children with disabilities and dual language learners, as appropriate, and to build respectful, culturally responsive, and trusting relationships with families.

•           Be at least 18 years old

•           Embrace the principle of the parent as the primary educator and support attachment of parent and child

•           Ability/knowledge of personal computer operations within a Windows software environment required

•           Available for a light amount of night and weekend work

•           Knowledge and experience in child development and early childhood education: the principle of child health, safety, and nutrition; adult learning principles; and family dynamics

•           Skilled in  communicating with and motiviating people

•           Knowledge of community resources and the skill to link families with appropriate agencies and services

•           Must possess ability to provide reliable self-transportation capable of regional travel.  Must possess and maintain valid Texas motor vehicle operator’s permit of appropriate classification and endorsement as required.  Must agree to maintain a satisfactory MVR and minimum requirement of insurability as required by law.  MVR background checks may be conducted by the agency.



•           Able to maintain physical condition and stamina appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities which may include sitting or standing for extended periods of time, drive or ride in sedan, bus or van, and interacting with children at the child’s eye level (which includes floor activities) or other duties assigned. 

•           The usual requirements in a classroom environment may require lifting boxes of supplies, equipment, and occasional adjustments of office furniture

•           Occasional pushing, pulling, lifting and/or moving up to 25 pounds

•           Regularly required to sit for extended periods of time

•           May require long periods of standing or walking

•           Occasional bending or squatting required



•           Possess ability to adapt to inclement weather conditions and /or situations.

•           Noise level could be moderate to loud in working in center.

•           Ability to work in a stressful environment and deal effectively with stress

•           Ability to adapt to flexible work schedules as established by management.

•           Ability to work in close quarters.

•           Ability to drive, occasionally long distances.



•           Normal to heavy travel

•           ability to travel for activities such as on-site technical assistance, meetings, classes, and workshops in and out of the service area.

Job Location
Plainview, TX 79072
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