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Head Start is committed to establishing a learning environment in which children, parents, and staff can teach and learn from one another.  All Head Start Staff shall agree to abide by the program’s standards of conduct introduced during pre-service and/or orientation.


Responsible for monitoring the quality of services that meet or exceed Performance Standards and licensing requirements while validating the documentation presented in each folder.

· Monitor program services as indicated in the program design

· Verify information entered via child recruitment and enrollment applications

· Adhere ERSEA policies to ensure sites are following the attendance policy Assist with Policy Council and other meetings.

· Analyze trends in the program and make recommendations for improvements or changes. Provide a trend report at the conclusion of each monitoring session to the Site Leader, Quality Assurance Head and Division Director.

· Provide Quality Assurance head with information to ensure quality integration of all content areas.

· Assure accurate and appropriate records/documentation are developed and maintained.

· Review compiled monthly and yearly reports required for the Program Information Report.

· Attend all required meetings as requested by the Head Start Director or Quality Assurance Head.

· Ensure that children of all races, religions, family backgrounds and cultures are treated with respect and consideration.

· Assure confidentiality of all information in regard to children, families, and co-workers.

· Must be aware of the legal and professional responsibilities with regard to reporting suspected child abuse and neglect by parents, staff members, and others, in accordance with the provisions of Federal, State, or local law and local policies and procedures.

· Responsible for reporting to their immediate supervisor or designee, if they witness or see anything present or anyone not following the SPCAA procedures or processes that place a person or program records at risk

· Prepare, collect, aggregate, and analyze data in to ensure continuous improvement in program operations.

· Provide feedback on data and opportunities for continuous improvement to Program Director and Quality Assurance Head as applicable.

· Other duties as assigned


· An associate degree from an approved college/university preferred in a field related or one of the Head Start content areas. Two years of experience may be substituted for one year of college if approved by the Executive Director.

· Possess computer and technology skills to effectively use: word processing software, spreadsheet format, e-mails, internet, and Child Plus software.

· Knowledge and experience in monitoring program service and activities

· Ability to communicate in a professional and effective manner (orally and in written format) with center staff, program supervisors and others providing service to children and families.

· Excellent organization skills as demonstrated by his/her ability to balance a variety of duties, set priorities, and meet timelines.

· Able to maintain a flexible work schedule in order to attend meetings and trainings, in town and out of town, during regular working hours or on weekends or evenings.

· Must be able to pass criminal background or other checks required for personnel working in childcare/day care provider settings and the requirements for food service personnel.

· Able to perform duties in keeping with confidentiality requirements for children, families, and personnel.

· Must be willing to take and pass a drug/alcohol test and comply with the “Drug Free”: Agency Policy

· Must pass fit for duty work health exams and TB tests as required.

· Available for a moderate amount of night and weekend work.

· Must possess ability to provide reliable self-transportation capable of regional travel. Must possess and maintain valid Texas motor vehicle operator’s permit of appropriate classification and endorsement as required. Must agree to maintain a satisfactory MVR and minimum requirement of insurability as required by law. MVR background checks may be conducted by the agency.


· Ability to maintain physical condition and stamina appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities which may include sitting or standing for extended periods of time,

drive or ride in sedan, bus or van, occasionally long distances, or travel by commercial carrier and operating assigned office equipment, and perform other duties as assigned.

· Ability to drive or ride in sedan, bus or van, occasionally long distances, or travel by commercial carrier.

· Regularly required to sit for extended periods of time.

· May require long periods of standing or walking at times.

· On occasion, employee must lift and/or remove up to 25 lbs.

· Occasional pushing or pulling of weight over 25 lbs.

· Occasional bending or squatting required.


· Possess ability to adapt to inclement weather conditions and/or situations.

· Noise level could be moderate to loud in working center.

· Ability to work in a stressful environment and deal effectively with stress.

· Ability to perform duties and adapt to flexible work schedules as established by management.

· Ability to work in a closed office environment, childcare setting (classroom, food services area, outdoor playground, etc.) medical offices and facilities, client homes and training and meeting environment.

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Lubbock, Texas 79416
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