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Drive transportation vehicles to pick-up and drop off passengers in accordance with agency policies and specific instructions from central dispatch office. Assist passengers in and out of vehicles. Responsible for safety of passengers riding in assigned transportation vehicle. Inspect assigned vehicle to determine maintenance needs prior to actual operation of the vehicle. Report vehicle maintenance and repair needs to Transit Supervisor and work with Dispatch/Operations, other staff and vendors to secure needed service. Perform routine and minor maintenance tasks on assigned vehicle according to direction of the Transit Supervisor, Division Director, and/or their designee. Maintain assigned transportation vehicle in a clean condition. Complete driver's trip logs and other records as required. Maintain accurate records and submit reports as necessary on a timely basis. GED/High School diploma or C or B CDLor and driving experience with public transportation provider for 2 years. Must be at least 25 years of age. Age may be wavered on acceptable driving record. Must be willing to take and pass pre-employment test and, upon employment, be willing to take and pass additional drug and alcohol tests as required by the FTA for "safety sensitive" positions. Employees are subject to: random pool selection, reasonable cause, post-accident, and return to duty testing procedures. Ability to learn and perform First Aid, CPR and passenger assistance techniques and procedures. Ability to read and write in the English language to handle business transactions. Ability to perform simple mathematical computations to include the four basic skills plus simple factions and percentages. As defined by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) abstain from prohibited conduct regarding the use of drugs and/or alcohol (including medications) prior to and during performance of "safety sensitive" job functions. Must be accepted by Agency insurance. CERTIFICATES AND LICENSED REQUIREMENTS: Must have at least a Class C  Drivers License. Must have and maintain an acceptable driver's record. Drivers license background checks will be conducted by the Agency. Must pass a medical examination equal to the standard required by the National Truck Driving Industry. Requires frequent periods of sitting for an extended period of time. May require frequent periods of standing or walking at times. Must be able to lift and/or move up to 100 lbs. Bending and/or squatting required. Pushing or pulling of over 100 lbs.

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