Hockley County Food Box Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
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Levelland, TX — South Plains Community Action Association is glad to announce the ribbon cutting ceremony occurring on January 12th, 2023, for the Hockley County Food Box. The ceremony will take place at 12pm at the Food Box site, located at 410 Houston Street in Levelland, Texas.  

SPCAA took over operations at the Food Box in August 2022 after the need was expressed by local community members. Food insecurity is a global threat that the South Plains community is not immune to. Hockley County can rest assured that SPCAA will do everything in their power to ensure that individuals in their area have access to food to fill their pantries. 

For those interested in helping out, the Hockley County Food Box is always accepting donations in the form of food and money. Food donations should preferably be shelf-stable items like dry and canned goods. Community Services director at SPCAA Henry Tarango says, “While food items are great, what we really need is monetary donations to buy any supplemental items needed.” Donations can be made directly to the Food Box during the day at their Houston Street address in Levelland.  

For individuals who are unable to make donations but still want to make a difference in their community, volunteers are always welcome at the Food Box site. Individuals interested in becoming a volunteer should contact Henry Tarango at (806) 894-4560.  

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