Samantha Mendoza
Samantha Mendoza
Samantha Mendoza – Communications Director

As Communications Director, Samantha Mendoza has a passion for building connections and amplifying organizational messaging for South Plains Community Action Association (SPCAA). Samantha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Texas Tech University and a Master of Arts in Communication from The University of Texas at San Antonio. Her academic journey equipped her with a deep understanding of communication theory and strategic messaging, laying a solid foundation for her career in the field.

Since joining our team in September 2021, Samantha has been instrumental in shaping our communication strategies and enhancing our brand presence both internally and externally. Her areas of expertise include crisis communications, marketing, relationship building, and serving as a liaison with media contacts. She fosters a culture of effective communication and collaboration within our organization between the various programs and divisions.

Outside of work, Samantha finds balance through yoga and enjoys staying updated on pop culture trends in media, film, and online.

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