Olivia Barbosa
Olivia Barbosa
Olivia Barbosa – Head Start Division - Director

Olivia Barbosa carries a dedicated passion in her role as the Director of the Head Start Program at South Plains Community Action Association (SPCAA). Olivia holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, and utilizes her knowledge to nurture young minds  

With an impressive 21 years of service at SPCAA, Olivia's understanding of early childhood development and her unwavering dedication to the Head Start mission have made her a cornerstone of the program's success.

As the Director, Olivia's expertise lies in orchestrating comprehensive solutions to the obstacles faced by children and families, employing a holistic approach that addresses educational, health, nutrition, mental health, disabilities, and family services. Under her guidance, Head Start provides a safe and nurturing environment where children and families thrive. Olivia's vision extends beyond the classroom, forging partnerships with local community agencies to broaden opportunities for those in need.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Olivia has some surprising hobbies. She's a passionate bingo enthusiast and finds solace in creating beautiful flower arrangements, particularly for tombstones—a unique skill that reflects her compassionate nature and attention to detail.

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